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Rainbow Silicone Stacking Blocks (Mini Tower)

Rainbow Silicone Stacking Blocks (Mini Tower)

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Age recommendation

3 months+

What to love

The classic stacking tower reinvented without nasty plastics and safety hazard center poles! Our Tots & Kisses Eco Mini Tower significantly reduces the safety risks that come with a standard stacking tower!


100% food-grade silicone that is free from BPA and other chemicals commonly found in plastics

Unique lego mechanism allows stacking without a separate pole which poses choking and aspiration hazards to young children

Purposive rainbow colorway to aid in primary and secondary color recognition

Highly durable, perfect for teething babies or the most enthusiastic toddler

Our Montessori-approved stacking tower encourages open-ended play, improves motor skills, and helps your little ones unlock the earliest concepts of math like shapes, sizes, and sorting.


Each tower consists of 6 round blocks.
Product dimensions: 8.5 cm diameter x 13.5 cm height.

Care guide

Wash thoroughly before first-time use using gentle soap and warm water. Wipe or air dry before storing away.

Multiple ways to clean including steam or UV sterilizer without damaging its surface. Max temperature tolerance is 100°C.


As part of our serious commitment to reduce single-use plastics, our products come in plastic-free packaging.

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