Shoo Pandemic Blues with this Versatile Toddler Toy

Shoo Pandemic Blues with this Versatile Toddler Toy

If you’re reading this, you’re probably one of the many parents, moms especially, who geared for the lockdown including supplies like groceries and of course, indoor activities for your increasingly active toddler. And over a year into staying indoors most of the time, you’re pretty much aware that kids get past toys easily. Exactly why pediatricians and Montessori practitioners recommend toy rotation.

As the name suggests, toy rotation is limiting the number or kinds of toys our kids are exposed to within a specific period, while other toys which aren’t part of the rotation are stored away and likely be included in the next rotation. Kids have clear visibility of the toys available to them while parents observe the level of engagement children have with the current set of toys. Once engagement has decreased, that is usually the cue for parents to release the next ‘rotation’.

Toy rotation is a win-win for the family. Our little ones enjoy the novelty of toys from each set, while we parents won’t need to buy many! What’s key of course is ensuring that we select toys that could grow with our children and offer a variety of ways to play. If a toy’s functionality could easily be outgrown, then there’s not much engagement that we can expect from our children.

Tots and Kisses is a budding local brand that offers thoughtful meal and play essentials for kids. True to our mission of intentional living, our brand offers a lean catalog of toddler toys — the eco mini tower and the sili domino set. The domino set in particular is the first of its kind in the Philippines, inspired by childhood memories of stacking, counting, and toppling traditional dominoes, and made safer with US FDA-certified, food-grade silicone.

This premium domino set has 28 beautiful pieces and comes in two colorways. Caribbean (blue/yellow) is inspired by the warm hues of the sand and pristine waters of the sea, while Rose Mix (pink/beige) offers a feminine Scandinavian touch. 

Sili Domino Set is recommended for toddlers from age 3 and beyond. This versatile toy can be lined up, stacked, and toppled by your little one individually, with siblings, or with the entire family. Teach toddlers to count, build houses or Jenga towers, or strategize in a traditional domino game as they get older.

What's more to love about these dominoes are the facts that they’re shatterproof which is handy when tantrums or frustrations happen, completely washable, can be popped into the UV sterilizer. And most of all, 10% of your purchase goes to our partner children's home in Pasig City. Just how awesome is that?

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