Our Design Process

Tots and Kisses products are designed with both safety of our little ones and functionality in mind, while still keeping them within reasonable budget. We create products with quality that's second to none, so that they are meant to last, not to be replaced. This allows parents to get the best value, all while making childhood fun and enriching.


Our commitment to quality

Each product in our catalog is born from hours of research and attention to detail. We create our designs, find the right suppliers, and source the best possible materials to bring our vision to life.
Where applicable, we make sure that our materials and suppliers are certified compliant to the safety standards of the German LFGB, US FDA, and more importantly Philippine FDA. This is our way of ensuring that quality remains our ultimate priority.


Our commitment to the environment

When we care for the environment, we care for our little ones too. By keeping our products free from plastics like polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and polypropylene (PP), we do our part in making our environment more livable for our children and the generations to come.
Plastics are often used because they are relatively cheaper than their eco-conscious equivalents. At Tots and Kisses, we optimize costs in other aspects and will always uphold our commitment to our environment. 


Our commitment to the community

Every child is a blessing no matter the situation and deserves an opportunity to change his future. This belief is what propelled our little family to give back to the community.
10% of our sales automatically go to our partner children's home. Click here to learn more about our little advocacy.