The Tots & Kisses Story

Tots and Kisses was born with a simple vision to create products for babies and toddlers that are stylishly practical, honest, sustainable, and toxic-free. Just exactly how life should be.

First time parents Carlo and Maritoni relied on recommendations of family and friends when they were preparing for their little one's arrival. Less on clothes because they grow up too fast, less on toys because they vary at different stages. Generally less of anything because as the old saying goes, time flies! Babies and toddlers tend to just outgrow everything so fast!

But what if they can curate products that are bound to last and designed to grow with their child? For modern families like theirs, wouldn't it be nice to downshift a little and take a slower approach to life? There's probably a reason why today's parents often find themselves saying "don't grow up too fast," right?

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